<![CDATA[Warbler Webnovel - Author\'s Corner]]>Wed, 17 Feb 2016 07:02:46 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[A Few Notes]]>Mon, 15 Feb 2016 10:00:02 GMThttp://warblerwebnovel.weebly.com/authors-corner/a-few-notesThis is not an Episode. (Boo!)
Instead, what this is is an announcement that the site actually works. (Yay!)
I've spent a lot of my writing time over the past week going into the guts of this site and making sure that it actually functions, that all links work, and so on and so forth. Given the idiocy that is my lack of a buffer, that means that, since this work had to be done and was in fact long overdue, there is no actual Warbler this week. (Writing and overhauling the site take second fiddle to not failing Chemistry, after all.)
However, I also understand that unexpectedly missing an update for no good reason (or what seems like that to the reader) is really, really frustrating. So I dug through my notes and found some really awesome stuff that I honestly should have dug up and posted a looong time ago. (As they say, one man's trash is still trash, no matter who you dupe into buying it.)
The first and arguably strangest thing I'd like to show off is this:

That is my original outline for the first half of Season One, about half of which should make sense. There's really two big takeaways that I got from seeing this after so long:
1) I am not an Architect. In writing parlance, 'Architect' refers to someone like Brandon Sanderson who has every detail of a story planned out before they even begin. As you can see, I have about two steps planned out ahead of myself before stuff starts to fall apart, which is actually pretty accurate. Dance of War and Species D are where they need to be, as is Damage Control, but two more Episodes sort of grew out of where Damage Control and Hoatzin meet--the original outline, apparently, did not include Leave Her Johnny (Space Version). A travesty, really.
2) I am not a Pantser. In writer-lingo, a 'Pantser' is the opposite of an Architect--think like how JRR Tolkien largely had no outline, and just let the words flow onto the paper. While my original design here obviously changed quite a bit, the bones of the rest of Season One are there--what's listed as 'Contagion' became Kynak and For the Good of the Governed, and 'Blackacre' was originally a lead-in to Fata Morgana. (Blackacre is, I believe, referenced in VT Day.)
Just to give credit where credit is due, you can find the tool used to make this graph here: http://ogievetsky.com/PlotWeaver/
The other thing I'd like to post here is a snapshot of an alternative universe, ripped through the rift in spacetime known as 'The time I tried to do this in Google Sites'.
​This is what Warbler almost wound up looking like:
Horrible, isn't it?
What was I thinking? IDK. It was dumb. This was also considered, and is a) Far better, and b) Far closer to what we have now: 
History is funny. It has a way of embarrassing us.
Just like missed posts.
Warbler will be back as normal next week, as the site is actually navigable now. In case anyone was wondering, a lot of the links between Episodes were broken, which was a major issue for obvious reasons. If you're still interested in reading some Warbler this week, I'd just like to remind everyone that if you highlight the 'Episodes' tab there is a 'Side Stories' one that pops up--in there you can find tens of thousands of words of the other assorted adventures of these characters, which my site stats say that most of you have not read.
​Thank you for reading.
<![CDATA[Web Fiction Guide]]>Tue, 10 Nov 2015 05:10:07 GMThttp://warblerwebnovel.weebly.com/authors-corner/web-fiction-guideThis last week has brought an amazing new development to Warbler--we're now officially listed at Webfictionguide.com! (This is a really big thing, as it means that we're now listed on what is the biggest directory of serial fiction on the internet.)
As part of that, I'm going to shamelessly plug some stuff here. (By which I mostly mean to make those of you who aren't aware of Webfictionguide and Topwebfiction aware of such.)
The first thing you can do is follow this link to a website called Topwebfiction.com, where you can vote for Warbler being the best. This is a simple listings website that doesn't require any sort of signups or anything to use. You just vote and we go up in their rankings. (You can also use it to find other, similar projects! Yay!)
Topwebfiction Voting Booth
Then, if you have an account or wish to create one, you can go straight to Webfictionguide.com's listing for Warbler, and rate us. (Currently we have a 3.5 star rating, which is awesome!) If you're feeling really generous, you can then write us a review. (I would never, under any circumstances, encourage someone to merely register so that they can rate my serial. That would be unethical Make sure you review it, too.)
Webfictionguide Listing
Then what you should do next is go to our Facebook page and like it. This isn't a foolproof method of getting notified of new content though, as Facebook is evil, which is why the Mailing List you can sign up for on the Main Page is so important. You can also +1 our G+ page if you're that sort of person, and reach us by email at Warblerwebnovel@gmail.com.
Anyway, in other news, said reviews on WFG have brought several issues with the site and the serial to light, so there'll be some slight changes over the next few weeks. Most of these will be subtle (like changing the text to a slightly different color like this,) and a lot of little edits to several Episodes, cleaning the text up, adding en-dashes where there are now hyphens, purging passive voice, and the like. This won't have any real effect on update schedules or anything, it's just going to occur, and may result in some site downtime once or twice. (It'll also result in a couple of small changes to earlier Episodes and one or two Side Stories, which should be entirely editorial. That's oen of the beauties of online fiction, after all.)
Thank you all for reading.
<![CDATA[Sophomore Slump]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 03:36:12 GMThttp://warblerwebnovel.weebly.com/authors-corner/sophomore-slumpSophomore Slump. We've all experienced it, whether it was on the giving or receiving end of it. (Some of us are also ridiculously insecure, which makes it worse, or makes it seem to exist where it does not, but that's not the point.)
​Urban Dictionary defines it as such:
1) When a musician releases their second album, which is not as popular as their first. 
2) During a college student's sophomore year, their GPA drops after having a high GPA from their freshman year
I'm talking about the first kind. (For the record, my GPA went up during my high school Sophomore year, and I haven't had a college one yet.) The first episode of Warbler that was written under a deadline has been uploaded. This is great, and awesome, and because I've had a hectic week, I'm proud that it's up right now.

However, the beginning is over. I'm in the middle now. All the characters have been onstage, so to speak, and that stage has been set. I'm now in the stage of executing on the premise that I've set up, and that's very different. I'm faced with the task of pulling this premise through into nine more episodes, and while this is still play, and I love it, and don't foresee it being a real problem, this is something that I'm definitely aware of. It's easy to come up with a good blurb. What's rather harder is actually making a good story from that.

In other words, Episode Four has moved us from the beginning to the middle. This is the part where we see if I actually have the skillz necessary to pull this off. (Also, sic. Yes, that's skillz. I assure you, it is entirely deliberate. I have no qualms about editing post-release.)

Thank you for reading.
<![CDATA[Primetime]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 02:02:43 GMThttp://warblerwebnovel.weebly.com/authors-corner/primetimeAs you can probably guess, Warbler is a thing that exists. This is actually incredibly relieving for me-it's been over six months since I technically began this project which, in storytelling terms, isn't that long, but it seems much longer, and it also isn't really that simple.
Warbler under that name has existed for only about six months, as I said-however, this universe has existed since, well... Honestly, as long as I can remember, this world has been one of my favorite playground for my storytelling adventures. It was the setting of my first novel, Phantom, which, while simplistic, proved to me that I could do this writing thing. (Phantom is still largely canon in this universe-it essentially chronicles the end of the Xon war, and the rise to power of Julian Shishani and his compatriots. It's written from the perspective of Killian Hazzard and Sara Kastori, but all five members of the Coven feature prominently. (If you're lost in a sea of unfamiliar names and terms at this point, I seriously would like to ask why you're reading this before not the rest of the site. Like the, um... Serial. The thing this site exists primarily as a home for.)

Regardless, Phantom wasn't half bad, and I'll never show it to anyone ever because I am a writer, and therefore a perfectionist. It was imperfect, therefore it must burn in purifying flame before being relegated to several layers of folders in my Google Drive. I finished that right before summer vacation in '14, which was more or less when I began to really be  a writer.

After that, I had a couple of non-starter ideas for further stories in that universe, most of them centered either on the concept of the Republic-Imperiata War, or Killian's son, Reed. None of them ever developed any substance, so they never really began. That's about the time I wrote No More Lies, a novella that I'm incredibly proud of. It's not on this site as it's not really Warbler-related, and I believe that I can probably get someone to pay me to publish it. You may have to pay them to read it when/if that happens. I apologize, but I rather like being paid.

I finished nothing else of consequence for the next year or so-my writerly achievements boiled down to several dozen 3-page beginnings and a half dozen short stories, none of which were that good. Then, over the course of Lent (I'm Catholic) I wrote a short story called Shotgun Wedding, which was about, well... More or less a shotgun wedding. It was also rather good, although I had some stupid idea of tying it into an Urban Fantasy story I had seriously attempted to (and failed to) write during NaNoWriMo the previous year. (The idea wasn't actually that dumb-the particular Urban Fantasy in question tackled some rather heavy religious and philosophical themes.) However, I learned something incredibly valuable from Shotgun Wedding-how to actually sort of fake my way through writing convincing emotion. (No one ever actually understands any part of their writing, I'm convinced-we're all just faking it.) Regardless, this is part of what gave me the audacity to think that something like Warbler could actually succeed.

Armed with a highly fleshed out world, and finally a working understanding of how to actually mess with people and make them feel empathy for my fabrications, I was primed for genius to strike. (Read as: 'Armed with a half-baked world that essentially boiled down to 'Future! Spaceships! Laser guns!', and finally something I had deluded myself into thinking was actual skill, I was primed for supreme hubris'.)

I forget when the exact moment of inspiration for Warbler came, but I do remember that I already wanted to do a serial. I believe it had been Agents of SHIELD that made me want to do it, but I forget that too. Regardless, Warbler seemed to be an instant fit and I was currently in the grips of applying for my first job-a counselor at my local BSA Summer Camp-and reconnecting with my friends from my CIT Corp, I was reflecting upon how the sixteen of us were radically different, but still like brothers for that month. (Even the ones that hated each other. And threatened each other. With knives. But that's a different, slightly exaggerated story.) Regardless, that immediately meshed with the Warbler, which became a PT Boat-like craft, carrying a small crew in a barely-safe ship on the most dangerous, undesirable missions.

That eventually somehow morphed into them being the only people alive in the universe. I honestly have no idea. I have a sick and twisted mind, okay?

The need to differentiate characters led me to contact friends for help building them, and they fulfilled what was requested admirably. They gave me half the characters for Warbler-and they're the good ones, in my opinion. I wrote each of them a backstory so that I could understand their voice, and about halfway through that process, I began writing chapters. I finished Chapter Three before I actually finished all the backstories, but, well, such is the way of the world.

Regardless, Warbler is now officially a thing. Please, share it, send it to your friends, have them send it to their friends. Let's take over the world like some sort of zombie virus-or perhaps malevolent nanobot. Or not-this might just all suck. But if it does, I'm going to still play it up for all it's worth, because I aim to not suck forever, if that's the case. All I can ask for is instant and unreasonable success-is that really too much?